MySQL and stored procedures

April 7, 2004

[From Builder.com]

MySQL is "The World's Most Popular Open Source Database," at least according to the MySQL Web site. But in spite of this popularity many corporations are resistant to adopting MySQL. There are several reasons for this, from the misguided belief that open source is the software equivalent of a child's wood shop project to the belief that nothing free is ever good. There was, however, one valid complaint against MySQL-unlike its shrink-wrapped counterparts, such as Oracle or DB2, MySQL doesn't support stored procedures.

Make that past tense-the latest developer release, MySQL 5.0, does support stored procedures. If you're not familiar with stored procedures, they are collections of SQL commands and program logic stored on the database server. These stored procedures can then be invoked by application programs thus eliminating the need for programmers with varying degrees of skill to create their own SQL.

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