Michigan Joins Anti-Oracle Fight

April 7, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

The state of Michigan is joining the U.S. government and seven other states that want to block Oracle's (Quote, Chart) $9.4 proposal to takeover PeopleSoft, (Quote, Chart) Attorney General Mike Cox said in a statement Wednesday.

Cox said that if Oracle acquires PeopleSoft, the merger would "impair competition between businesses, government agencies and other organizations that depend on their products." Some estimates place the cost to Michigan taxpayers at more than $130 million.

"We're joining this fight to make sure Michigan taxpayers do not have to pay more for goods and services, and to help guarantee a continued, diversified business market," Cox said after the state filed a motion in fFderal District Court in San Francisco to intervene in the antitrust suit. "I will fight to make sure that Michigan businesses and consumers aren't at the mercy of those who seek to evade our anti-trust laws for their own unjust gain."

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