Versant's Merger with Poet Holdings, Inc. Approved

April 13, 2004

[From Versant Corporation, Inc.]

Fremont, California, March 17, 2004 - Versant Corporation (NASDAQ: VSNT), an industry leader in data management and integration for the real-time enterprise today announced the results of its special meeting of shareholders held on March 17, 2004 to consider and vote on its proposed merger with Poet Holdings, Inc.

With this merger, Versant becomes the industry leader in object technology for the real-time enterprise and holds the #1 worldwide market share in the object data management space. Poet's FastObjects database, with its strength in embedded applications, complements Versant's VDS object database, renowned for its use in high-performance large-scale real-time applications. The joint product line offers customers the ability to manage real-time, XML and other types of hierarchical and navigational data. The combined suite of products caters to a wide range of customers who need solutions for small devices, like remote controls, up to fullscale enterprise solutions, which manage 100's of gigabytes of streaming data.

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