Choose the right JDBC driver for your database interface

April 26, 2004

[From TechRepublic]

Pick the right driver to optimize connectivity between your Java apps and database.

You may or may not have an enterprise client, but if you're using Java, you already know that presentation isn't everything: database access is as crucial a design consideration as the interface. The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API is your all-purpose link between applications and your databases. Based on Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity technology, JDBC is relational database-friendly and supports SQL. With the correct driver, you can use this API to connect to any database that supports an ODBC interface. Putting it another way, if your application is three-tier, you can use JDBC to create a layer of abstraction between your business logic level and your data level: All you need to slip a new database in place under your apps is new drivers.

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