SafeNet Partners with Oracle to Provide Hardware Security for Enterprise Grid Computing

May 4, 2004

[From SafeNet, Inc. ]

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - May 3, 2004 - SafeNet (NASDAQ: SFNT), setting the standard for information security, today announced that SafeNet Luna SA, a Network-attached Hardware Security Module (HSM), supports Oracle® (Nasdaq: ORCL) Database10g to provide hardware security and SSL acceleration for enterprise grid computing.

Grid computing reduces IT costs and management time by clustering servers together to act as a single large computer, shifting resources dynamically between applications. Oracle Grid Computing enables systems of interconnected servers, storage, and software to adapt to the exact needs of one's business, resulting in improved IT resource utilization. Grid computing is more secure than multiple disparate servers because uniform security procedures are applied to each machine in the system and the grid will only function if each server's credentials are verified. Integrating the Luna SA hardware security module with Oracle Database 10g protects the encryption keys that are used to secure and verify each machine's credentials.

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