First RFID database debuts

May 7, 2004

[From RFideaWorks Corp.]

The RFideaWorks provides high-performance, flexible RFID-enabling solutions to help businesses meet new Wal-Mart, DoD, and international RFID standards - regardless of which standards are used where. This means a company can do business in a "mix or match" RFID standards world, like EPC, ISO's, proprietary, bar codes and other data input, and still have their existing enterprise information systems working smoothly and efficiently throughout the enterprise, supply chain, and customer base.

RFideaWorks incorporates innovative ideas and advanced technology, like RFIdirector (TM) - unique patent-pending middleware for complete tag and data interoperability, RFIdb (TM), the first database designed from the ground up especially for RFID, and RFIdwh (TM), the first intelligent data warehouse using RFID information. Integrated together, the RFideaWorks helps users meet "RFID ASAP" requirements quickly and rapidly accelerates strategic business transformation to gain major competitive advantage in an RFID-centric business world without introducing complexity, big budgets, long timeframes, unnecessary risks - or having your company tied to any one RFID standard now, or in the future.

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