Pump Up SQL Server 2000

May 13, 2004

[From Windows & .NET Magazine Network]

During the past 5 years, Microsoft SQL Server has evolved from a departmental database solution to a leading enterprise platform. Well-known organizations such as Expedia, the Home Shopping Network, JetBlue Airways, NASDAQ, Nestli, and Pennzoil-Quaker State have high-profile SQL Server 2000 implementations, and the application has become as highly regarded as IBM's DB2 and Oracle. SQL Server's quick rise to enterprise-database status began with the SQL Server 7.0 release, in which Microsoft completely rebuilt the database to make it more scalable and efficient. In the same release, Microsoft introduced SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services and forever transformed the database marketplace by integrating business intelligence (BI) capabilities with the relational database engine. In SQL Server 2000, Microsoft continued to enhance the application's relational database engine; the company also improved OLAP Services and renamed it SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. SQL Server 2000 has justified its reputation for enterprise scalability by holding, at various times, the top TPC-C scores for clustered and nonclustered database performance.

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