Using Database Engines in a Mobile Application

May 21, 2004

[From developer.com]

There is no need to note that, with database functionality, application logic becomes much simplier. And, a programmer's life--I don't even have to mention how that's simplified.... Windows CE has its own database support, but its usage is a bit complicated. It isn't overly complicated, but it's complicated enough enough from my point of view to choose flat binary files instead of inviting all this headache. Currently, you also may find a lot of database solutions for mobile devices. Which one of them you should use often depends on quite unrelated factors, such as existing environment, price, capabilities, and so forth. Microsoft provides, as a standard engine, SQL Server CE (in version 2.0 already), so I'll focus on this particular engine in this article. We definitely won't dive into all the details, but I'll try to cover in 'one touch' several techniques or environments, so you will be able to make your decision what to choose.

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