Linux Steals Share from UNIX in Database Market

May 27, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

Linux siphoned market share from UNIX in the relational database management system (RDBMS) market, a niche that grew 158 percent from $116 million in new license revenue in 2002 to nearly $300 million in 2003.

Overall, the market for database server software rebounded last year, growing from $6.7 billion to almost $7.1 billion in new license sales, according to research firm Gartner. That's 5 percent growth over 2002, Gartner said in its report, issued earlier this week.

Tabulating RDBMS software on all hardware, the company said RDBMS on Unix declined 6 percent in 2003, with Oracle (Quote, Chart) leading in market share on UNIX and the open source operating system.

Gartner said Oracle has 57 percent of the database software market on UNIX even though its new license revenue declined 8 percent. Alternatively, Oracle took the lead in Linux sales from IBM (Quote, Chart), realizing 361 percent growth on $206 million in sales, good for 69 percent of the market.

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