Database Basics - A Primer

June 7, 2004

[From Small Business Computing]

Years ago I worked for as the IT manager for an architectural firm. One of the project managers literally used thousands of pieces of paper and hundreds of files folders to keep track of "shop drawings" needed in the construction process. To simplify his life, I built an uncomplicated database to capture all the data and generate reports indicating due dates and drawing locations. The project manager was ecstatic because I saved him hundreds of tedious labor hours with this relatively unsophisticated tool.

Does your business keep track of your customers? Do you manage large amounts of information about your company's business or financial records? If you do, than you're either currently using a database or you should be. Most businesses regardless of their size probably have a database lurking around someplace in their IT infrastructure. In this first article in a series on databases for small businesses, we will introduce basic database concepts and functions.

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