PeopleSoft's Standing Debated at Trial

June 8, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

SAN FRANCISCO -- PeopleSoft's (Quote, Chart) place in the global IT marketplace is key in the U.S. Department of Justice case against Oracle (Quote, Chart), which opened today.

Based on opening statements, either the Pleasanton, Calif.-based software vendor is the only significant competition to Oracle and SAP, or it is a flawed player in the growing number of companies designing all-encompassing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suites.

"PeopleSoft is not the end-all be-all of competition," Oracle lawyer Dan Wall argued during his opening statement. "This is not a traditional antitrust case. As we discussed in the technical tutorial, the [software] stack is what makes companies like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP compete and PeopleSoft does not have a software stack."

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