Enhanced Capabilities in NEON Enterprise Software's Partitioned Database Facility Address Growing Data Retention Problems

June 8, 2004

[From NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.]

SUGAR LAND, TX. - June 8, 2004 - NEON Enterprise Software, Inc. (NESI), a leading innovator in the development of mainframe database management software, has announced the newest release of Partitioned Database Facility (PDF), version 3.1.5. The release includes NEON Eclipse Reorganization Utilities Partition Support Edition, a comprehensive set of utilities for maintaining PDF databases. It also includes a new partition selection routine and fully supports IMS Version 9 software from IBM, data set groups, and as many as 127 partitions.

Partitioned Database Facility increases IMS full function database capability by 12,800 percent-expanding a VSAM database and indexes set from 4 to 500 gigabytes and expanding an OSAM data set from 8 gigabytes to 1 terabyte. Database performance improves and there is no need to make programming changes to business applications.

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