Linux gains in-memory database for telecom, servers

July 12, 2004

[From LinuxDevices.com]

The world's number two telecom RTOS vendor Enea has continued its adoption of Linux, adding a Linux port to the latest version of its real-time, fault-tolerant in-memory relational database management system (RDBMS). Polyhedra 5.1 also features an improved Java API. It targets data management applications such as process-control, telemetry, and remote monitoring, as well as telecommunications, data communications, and server equipment.

According to Enea, Polyhedra 5.1 couples the benefits of a SQL database with several unique features. For example, Polyhedra enables client applications to launch "active" queries that return ongoing, up-to-date results as live data change, resulting in a "fully current display of data as it is being generated and stored." This feature makes Polyhedra useful in situations requiring alarm reporting or configuration change reporting, the company says.

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