New HTTP Endpoints Create SQL Server 2005 Web Services

August 5, 2004

[From developer.com]

SQL Server 2000 offers some capabilities for returning XML output via HTTP using SQLXMLand, of course, SQLXML supports Web services creation. Although not rocket science, setting up, configuring, and using Web services in SQL Server 2000 does require a little effort (see the SQLXML documentation about Web services in SQL Server 2000).

When .NET came about, people began writing Web services in C# or VB.NET. They simply connected into SQL Server (or any data store, for that matter) to retrieve the data. .NET made creating Web services as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Create some stored procedures.
  2. Write some WebMethods to return the data from said stored procedures.
  3. Presto! You have a Web service.

But now, the next generation of Web services is hitting the streets. SQL Server 2005 supports native HTTP SOAP via a feature known as HTTP Endpoints. For those who don't know, Simple Object Access Protocol (affectionately known as SOAP) is a lightweight messaging protocol...

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