ITTIA launches db.* embedded database

August 10, 2004

ITTIA, a technology company, has announced the availability of db.*, (pronounced dee-be star). Db.* is a free, high performance, small-footprint, embedded database for open source operating systems.

Originally released during the dot com boom, db.* was orphaned when its software company went bust1. With no support the open-source effort fell into obscurity, until ITTIA adopted it with the intention of keeping a good technology modern and a desire to promote its use without the encumbrance of licensing fees.

Db.*, with a small footprint, combines the network and relational data model to create a solution sufficient to operate real-time applications and critical performance environments. It can be used with almost any open-source operating system simply by replacing the '*' with the name of the open-source OS, ie. db.linux, db.BSD, etc.

The database uses standard database definition language to define the schema, allows users to configure the execution environment and application parameters, and provides a secure solution for applications.

ITTIA, a for-profit company, has three reasons for making this database available as open-source. The first is to promote Club ITTIA, a community for embedded database developers. Club ITTIA is comprised of three parts--forums, a news portal, and premium support, which requires a paid membership. Secondly, ITTIA wants to give back to the open-source community, and last is a wish to create a larger market for their technical support, consulting and add-on products.

You can learn more about db.* or download the software at ITTIA's website.

1. It should be noted that the Raima Database product line did NOT go bust, but in fact thrives today with Birdstep Technology. Birdstep is aware of Ittia's re-release of DB*. DB*, developed in the 1990's, is a derivative of Raima's RDM database. Since then, Birdstep Technology has done a major over haul of the code base resulting in major reliability, stability, and performance improvements. This product is now RDM Embedded which has the inclusion of SQL, JNI, XML, and Mirroring functionality - critical to embedded data management. To simplify SDK acquisition, Birdstep offers no-charge SDKs and also makes source code available. Visit us at www.birdstep.com