SQL Server Profiler: Bringing Teams Together

August 13, 2004

[From Windows & .NET Magazine - SQL Server Magazine ]

I've been writing about SQL Server Profiler frequently over the past few weeks, so you're probably aware that I think Profiler is a great tool that's under-utilized by development and DBA teams. Several readers have sent me interesting ideas about integrating Profiler into the development environment, so this week I want to share two of those ideas with all of you.

The first suggestion comes from a reader who is a DBA for a busy eBusiness test-and-production environment in which granting sa privileges to developers isn't permitted because the organization's management team isn't willing to take the risk. The reader writes, "Granting developers sa privileges on their own server, as you suggested, is a valid solution, but it's not cost effective for us. So, I'd like to suggest a compromise that's worked for us. We run a Profiler trace all day, every day, during business hours. Profiler stores the data in a table that anyone can view...

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