CASE Studio 2 supports Oracle 10g database system

August 16, 2004

CHARONWARE, last week, announced the release of CASE Studio 2, version 2.17, adding full support for Oracle 10g, Advantage Database Server 7.1 and Firebird 1.5.1 database systems and enhanced support of MySQL 4.

CASE Studio 2 is a professional database design tool, supporting more than twenty database platforms including various flavors of Access, DB2 UDB, InterBase, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Sybase.

Some key features include Entity Relationship Diagrams that allow you to create and maintain database structures, generation of SQL (DDL) scripts, reverse engineering of existing database structures, the ability to generate detailed HTML and RTF documentation, data flow diagrams (DFD) and export to XML format.

Case Studio requires Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP (Home and Professional). Minimum hardware is a Pentium processor, 64MB RAM and 16MB of free space.

Two versions are available, a Lite version and a Full version. Both versions receive free email support and free upgrades.

CHARONWARE is located in Ostrava, Czech Republic. They have been developing applications and tools for various database systems since 2000.

For additional information please visit http://www.casestudio.com