MyCon 2004.1.1 Std/Pro Released

August 26, 2004

[From SciBit]

MyCon (MySQL Console) is an extremely powerful windows based graphical user interface (GUI) for administering and working with MySQL server databases. Having developed Mascon since 1999, has given SciBit a lot of experience in bringing you the absolute best in MySQL technology, while making sure you are efficient and productive in a stable environment. MyCon is our next generation paradigm-shifting version and successor to Mascon, and as was the case with Mascon the last 5 years, MyCon once again sets the pace and standard for similar products. SciBit is never interested in matching competing technologies, but always to put the end-user right on the edge of the newest MySQL technology and to be creative while doing so, while knowing that healthy competition will make the customer and MySQL the ultimate winners.

MyCon's features include connections to multiple servers, database design, data and blob editing of tables, SQL syntax high lightening, reporting, scheduling, backups, exporting, security and much much more.

Ease of use means you will be comfortably productive if you are a DBA, developer or end-user.

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