Database Basics Part 4 - Your Dream Database

August 31, 2004

[From SmallBusinessComputing.com]

As we've discussed in the previous three articles in this series, a good database can make a huge difference in running a small business. Consider these two scenarios.

A major customer calls and requests that you ship fifty of their most popular item except this time they want it in a mix of colors instead of the usual blue. You scramble around your office looking for the information you need to place the order. You're in trouble if you can't it; you don't want to call and admit that you have no idea what colors the item comes in. That shoebox you keep your customer information has to go.

A company consolidates a manufacturing plant into a smaller facility, and they need to reduce their parts inventory prior to the move. By using the data stored in a work-in-progress (WIP) database, they identify 5500 out of 9000 items that were either obsolete or redundant. The company saves thousands of dollars in reduced inventory costs

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