Work with XML Data Type in SQL Server 2005 from ADO.NET 2.0

September 10, 2004

[From developer.com]

One of the excellent features of the next release of SQL Server, known as SQL Server 2005, is its deep XML integration with the SQL Server database engine. This integration goes well beyond the simple relational-to-XML mapping layer that SQL Server 2000 provided. SQL Server 2005 will feature a native XML data type that will allow you to store native XML data in SQL Server itself.

Once you store XML data, you then can perform operations such as querying or updating it from ADO.NET 2.0, XML indexing, executing queries using a new XQuery language, and so on. This article explains how to work with the XML data type column in SQL Server 2005. Along the way, you also will see how to read and write values into the XML columns from ADO.NET 2.0.

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