IMS Databases Integrated into BMC Software's SmartDBA Console

September 27, 2004

Today, at the IMS Technical Conference, BMC Software, Inc. announced the integration of IMS databases into its SmartDBA console, extending yet again their position of offering the ability to manage all major databases (IMS, DB2 Universal Database for mainframe and distributed platforms, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server) from one Web-based console.

Over the years, technology has changed and with that change, has come an increasing number of problems.  Companies began to find it difficult to locate DBAs to manage all of the systems; finding DBAs with mainframe skills is harder still.  Additionally, large companies had to do more with less; they found they needed to cross-train their DBAs to manage not only different platforms but also for distributed DBAs to manage mainframe databases and vice-versa. BMC Software decided to address the issue of mainframe DBAs getting older and retiring, as well as the question of who would take care of the next generation of mainframe databases.   To answer these problems, in October of 2002 BMC Software announced a plan to bring everything together under one web-based console that would allow a common system of management for all data management tools, allowing DBAs to manage any type of database platform.  Thus was born the SmartDBA Family of solutions.

SmartDBA System Administration for IMS provides an integrated solution for all IMS administration tasks.  BMC Software states that later this year additional performance and recovery solutions for IMS databases will be integrated into the SmartDBA console.  These solutions include:

  • SmartDBA Database Performance for IMS Online
  • SmartDBA Database Performance for IMS Express
  • SmartDBA Database Performance for IMS Fast Path
  • SmartDBA Recovery Management for IMS
  • MAXM Database Advisor for IMS

Headquartered in Houston, TX, BMC Software, Inc. is a provider of enterprise management solutions that span enterprise systems, applications, databases and service management.

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