JSecureConnect 2.0 released

October 6, 2004

JNetDirect, Inc. has released version 2.0 of JSecureConnect. This is a major upgrade to JNetDirect's secure Java component driver technology.

JSecureConnect supports Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MS Access, providing secure JDBC access over protocols SSL and HTTPS, while firewall tunneling is provided with protocols HTTP and HTTPS.

Security features include a unique session key, which allows JSecureConnect to encrypt all information exchanged between the JDBC client and database, JDBC Authentication, JDBC Message integrity and full strength encryption keys using SSL/TLS encryption protocol. JSecure Connect provides JDBC database access via firewall tunneling, using either HTTP or HTTPS protocols, without compromising the level of security provided by the firewall--the system administrator is not required to open additional ports.

For additional information please visit http://jnetdirect.com/products.php?op=jsecureconnect

JDataConnect version 3.1, which features improved performance, was also released today by JNetDirect. This product allows Java developers to communicate with ODBC datasources via JDBC.

JNetDirect, located in Reston, VA was founded in 1999. The company specializes in software products to access, secure, deliver and leverage corporate data assets.