Enterprise-scale Backup and Recovery Solution for Microsoft SQL Server Released by Idera

October 8, 2004

Idera announced the release of SQLSafe version 1.1, a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server, early last week. SQLSafe, designed specifically for MS SQL Server provides a fast, compressed and encrypted backup and restore for multiple servers. In addition, it provides a central repository of backup and restore information, rapid enterprise-wide deployment and monitors execution in real-time.

SQLSafe is a high-performance solution that writes data in a compressed format resulting in significant improvement in execution time and storage requirements over traditional SQL Server backups. A variable compression technology reduces the size of the backup output files by a range of 70-95%, with 95% being the highest percentage achieved in test cases. When it comes down to numbers, this means that a 100MB database, for which three generations of backups are being kept, would only require 30MB of storage space. The product supports four compression types allowing the user to choose between low compression/fast execution time and high compression/slower execution time.

A central repository stores historical information about what backups ran, when they ran, where the archive was stored, what compression algorithm was used, what encryption was used, how long they took to execute--in other words, all of the details about the backup.

SQLSafe secures sensitive data with four levels of encryption, (DES, Triple DES, RC2 and Rijndael).

The product has been architected to deploy to hundreds or thousands of servers. A single management console allows you to manage all of the servers and all of the backup and recovery activities. It will auto-discover your servers with the click of a button and run the backups without requiring manual installation on the production servers. It is all done automatically.

From the management console, you also have the ability to set global defaults for the type of encryption and type of compression by either server level or database level. Then you can specify that the jobs execute immediately or you can schedule them to be run in the background. The management console was designed for use not only by highly experienced DBAs but also by junior operators who are usually the ones on shift at 3AM when major problems occur.

Real-time monitoring is also built into the console allowing you to monitor an entire stream of backup jobs, as they run, to see how they are doing. In addition, the console has reporting capabilities, providing a means to meet service level agreements that you might have on your backup and restore activities.

The licensing model is simple. Idera charges $995 per SQL Server backup and they do not charge for restore.

For additional information please visit http://idera.com/.