MySQL Embracing Microsoft Open Source Project

October 8, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

Open source database server company MySQL's next production release of its open source MySQL database server will be sporting a new Windows installer, one partially built with an open source project courtesy of Microsoft (Quote, Chart).

The WiX (Windows Installer XML) toolset that MySQL is using is Microsoft's first official open source project and is freely available via the SourceForge open source repository.

The upcoming 4.1 release of the MySQL Database Server includes Windows installer files (file extension MSI) as part of a revamped and improved Windows installer for the application. According to Matt Wagner, production engineer for MySQL AB, the group considered a number of applications for the 4.1 Windows installer feature on the MySQL database server. They included InstallShield X, WISE, and ZeroG's InstallAnywhere.

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