EMS announces the availability of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.6

October 12, 2004

PostgreSQL Manager for Windows v. 2.6 is available for immediate download.

EMS PostgreSQL Manager is a graphical interface for PostgreSQL administration and development. Some of the features included in the product are a visual database designer, Plpgsql Function Debugger, HTML report generator, an internal SSH Client and more.

There are two windows versions available, Windows Professional and Windows Lite. The product does not come boxed, and is available only via Electronic Software Delivery. The registration keys and download links are made available immediately after purchase. In addition, a fully functional, 30-day trial version is available for download on the EMS HiTech website.

New features:

  • Tablespace support for working with server 8.0
  • Database Explorer, the treelike navigation window for working with databases and objects now enables the renaming of schemas, tables, fields, check constraints, functions, triggers, aggregates, languages and databases.
  • The Function Editor, which allows users to create and edit functions supports argument names that became available in server 8.0
  • Rename users and groups for server 7.4 and higher
  • The field Editor, used to create and edit table fields, provides the ability to set the level of detail of statistics accumulated for a column by ANALYZE
  • Set or change the match type of a foreign key for a table with the Foreign key editor.

Founded in 1999, EMS-HiTech is a software development division of the EMS company, specializing in producing software for database administrators and programmers.

For additional information, please visit http://ems-hitech.com/.