Archiving as a Cure for Database Crashes

October 25, 2004

[From Enterprise IT Planet]

Letting a database grow without action can lead to disaster. Transactional performance can suffer to the point where people are screaming about access rates or their queries timing out. And if you do run out of disk space, your whole system could crash.

"Our overweight database was months away from crashing due to exceeding our production disk space capacity," said Larry Cuda, global data archiving and migration project leader at Kennametal Inc. "Management determined that we could no longer just keep throwing more disks at the problem."

What happens is that databases become loaded up with inactive records. As system bloat continues, transactions and queries take longer and longer.

It can get to the point where you enter a query, go for a coffee, return to your desk and the application is still churning. One obvious solution is database archiving: you move all inactive records to another platform and leave only current and recent traffic in the database.

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