New release of db.* demonstrates value and momentum for Club ITTIA members and community

November 8, 2004

[From ITTIA]

Demonstrating the strength of the open-source development paradigm, the new release of db.* is on-track for a Q4 2004 launch date. The next release of db.* incorporates functionality improvements, bug fixes and suggestions and code from Club ITTIA members to further improve this already-strong open-source database. ITTIA is also offering db.* test suites to Club ITTIA members.

db.* is an open-source embedded database with zero runtime or development fees. It is fast, has a small footprint, and requires no administration. The code has been used in thousands of applications: from telecommunications and real-time industrial control systems to consumer devices. It is available for free on the ITTIA website, and is licensed for use with any open-source operating system. Professional technical support and consulting are available from ITTIA.

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