Data Recovery Planning - What You Need to Know

November 17, 2004

[From Small Business Computing]

A couple of years ago I came to work one Monday morning to find the disk drive containing all the CADD files for a major architectural firm was in its death throes — and threatening to take all the company's irreplaceable project files with it. We had a set of tape backups, but when I mistyped the restore command (tar —c instead of —x); I wiped out the most recent tape.

After several days of recovery work, we lost just one day of actual data, but weeks of expensive staff time. I had also created a few irate clients in the process. Could this nightmare have been prevented? Yes, if I had thought about the importance of data recovery instead of just tape backups.

Do you know where your backup tapes are? Do you think you have an adequate data recovery plan in place? Have you ever tested your plan? If you're having that sinking feeling just about now, you are not alone.

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