Birdstep Technology Unveils RDM Server 6.0 Embeddable Database

November 18, 2004

[From Birdstep Technology]

Birdstep Technology (OSE: BIRD) today announced the latest version of its RDM Server embeddable database management system. The new version of RDM Server includes increased JDBC 3.0 support, XML import/export, and enhanced Dynamic DDL functionality to dynamically alter tables. RDM Server is specifically designed with unique tools for performance enhancement and database customization.

Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, RDM Server is an embeddable database management system employing a client/server architecture for business critical information that must be available immediately and reliably. Like all Birdstep RDM databases, RDM Server 6.0 is deployed with the developers application, giving the developer control and predictability over the applications data management. In addition, Birdstep RDM Server is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership by specializing in high performance, data security and fault tolerance, which allows for quick recovery and zero downtime incase of a system failure.

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