FileMaker Developer Certification Testing Now Available in Seven Languages

November 19, 2004

[From FileMaker, Inc. ]

Testing for the FileMaker Certification Program for Developers is now available in French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch it was announced today by FileMaker. The company launched the Developer Certification Program for Developers with testing in English last August. Since then, over 125 have received the designation of FileMaker 7 Certified Developer.

The training and testing program tests candidates on the essential knowledge required to develop and deploy business or organizational solutions using the complete FileMaker 7 product family, including FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Developer 7, FileMaker Mobile 7, and FileMaker Server 7 and FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. Read full details on the Certification Program at www.filemaker.com/certification/index.html

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