Ellison: Data Hubs Could Have Prevented 9/11

December 9, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

SAN FRANCISCO -- Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is convinced that had the intelligence community used a unified database from Oracle, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 would never have happened.

"As it was, Mohamed Atta passed through international customs saying he was visiting on a holiday, while the police in Broward County, Florida had an outstanding warrant for his arrest," Ellison said during his keynote at Oracle's OpenWorld conference here.

Ellison's comments were part of the CEO's advertisement for Oracle's new vision of topically focused databases, or data hubs. The repositories of information are part of Oracle's approach to a broader market movement toward Service Oriented Architectures (define) that use the modular hubs. Oracle is touting the hubs in concert with its next generation of grid infrastructure software.

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