The Anatomy of a CE Database Record

December 17, 2004

[From Developer.com]

In this lesson, you'll finish examining the RemoteDBScan example program, devising a strategy by which to interpret and display the retrieved records. The first step is to get a handle on exactly what a CE database record is and how it is constructed.

The CE Database Record

A CE database record is a compact and self-documenting block of variable size data, comprised of an array of CEPROPVAL structures.


There are a couple of important things to note about the way CE treats its database records. First, a CE database record may be "sparse." Put another way, a record may or may not contain a value for each property. Also, a given CE database may contain only one record type. There is no explicit support for hierarchically structured data. Having said this, it is important to note that the member of the CEPROPVAL that stores record data is a union, one of whose members is of type BLOB. This means that should you need to create hierarchical data relationships, you can implement your own mechanisms for doing so, inside the record's data.

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