Apex SQL Tools announces three product updates

January 13, 2005

Apex SQL Tools announces the availability of new version releases to three of its SQL Tool products--Apex SQL Edit, Apex SQL Log and Apex SQL Doc.

Apex SQL Edit, released on January 11, 2005, is an IDE designed for advanced SQL Server developers that includes SQL Tool development capabilities, Procedure / Column Intellisense, VSS integration, collapsing regions, SQL formatting and more. License fees are $199 per unit for 1-4 licenses, with free upgrades.

Apex SQL Log, released on January 5, 2005, is a major revision featuring Live Log performance improvements, reading Live Logs and backup files and can audit historical changes. Apex SQL Log is a SQL Tool that analyzes the SQL Transaction Log, displaying data and structure changes. License fees start at $699 per unit for 1-3 licenses.

Apex SQL Doc was released on January 2, 2005 with several new features including server level documentation, custom tag implementation and many smaller features. Apex SQL Doc is a SQL tool that documents SQL databases, providing extended property and multiple database support, server level documentation, and command line interface. Planned for a future release is HTML output. License fees start at $199 per unit for 1-3 licenses.

These three SQL tools are all available for download from the Apex SQL Tools website. The fourteen-day evaluation versions are fully functional and there are no software restrictions. Apex SQL Tools offers free support and free product upgrades for life.