Pervasive Software announces the availability of Pervasive.SQL V9 Beta

January 21, 2005

Pervasive Software Inc., early this week, announced the availability of Pervasive.SQL V9 beta release. Pervasive.SQL V9 is an emedded database with a small footprint and seemless integration that developers can use to build applications for small to mid-sized enterprises.

Performance and functionality improvements include increased SQL performance, new system stored procedures and user-defined functions.

New Java-based Pervasive utilities have been added to accelerate development productivity. There's an easy to use Pervasive.SQL Control Center, tools to create and maintain database capabilities, a new SQL outline view and the capability to understand and manage configuration options more easily.

Storage capacity has been doubled. The maximum size of a file is now 128 GB; in previous versions it was 64 GB. The increased file size is supported by a new file format--you must use the Pervasive SQL 9 file format to have a single file size larger than 64 GB. In addition, in Pervasive.SQL V9, segmentation is now optional. A new configuration property, 'Limit Segment Size to 2 GB,' found in the control center provides the ability to specify whether files should be divided into 2 GB segments or unified into a nonsegmented file.

The Pervasive.SQL Control Center, a new set of Java-based GUI utilities, replaces and extends the functionality of previous release utilities. Pervasive Control Center has been replaced by by Pervasive.SQL Control Center, SQL Data Manager has been replaced by SQL Editor and the Table Editor replaces Table Designer. Utilities not yet migrated to Java can be loaded as external tools.

Founded in 1982 as SoftCraft, Pervasive was acquired by Novell in 1987. They were later spun out as Btrieve Technoligies and took the name Pervasive Software in 1996. The company went public in 1997, launching Pervasive.SQL in 1999. For additional information, please visit pervasive.com.