OpenOffice.org database application: A first look review

January 25, 2005

[From NewsForge]

Soon OpenOffice.org will introduce a database application to its office suite. For the last couple of years, OpenOffice.org has been developing its word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation manager programs to compete head-to-head with similar software products such as MS Office, Koffice, and Textmaker. The upcoming Version 2.0 rounds out the offering and adds the ability to create standalone databases, associated forms, reports, and queries much like MS Access. According to the documentation it's called OpenOffice.org Base.

This story will discuss the OpenOffice.org Base and how it can be used in your business. I'll touch on the similarities (plus differences) with the OpenOffice.org database program and Access. I'll continue with a little commentary on migration issues. We'll finish up by building a basic contact database, a form, a query, and a report using the wizards. If you are already an OpenOffice.org believer, you can just skip down to the "build a quick database application" section to see how it works.

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