Introduction to SQL Profiler

February 10, 2005

[From developer.com]

I don't do as much developer support as I used to, but I still answer questions on a few mailing lists. Fairly frequently developers seem to lose track of what's going on when their code calls SQL Server to manipulate data. "I don't know what's going on when I do this," is the typical lament. "Have you looked at the actual SQL that's being sent?," I reply. When this reply generates confusion, I know the original questioner hasn't learned how to use SQL Profiler. If you haven't either, read on for an introduction to this useful troubleshooting tool.

Getting SQL Profiler

SQL Profiler is one of the standard suite of client tools that are distributed with SQL Server 2000. You can install these tools from the SQL Server setup disk; they are a part of the main SQL Server setup, but you don't have to install SQL Server to install the client tools. If you don't have SQL Server, you can still install the client tools by downloading the SQL Server 2000 Trial Software and running its setup. Note that if your copy of SQL Server is old you should patch it to the Revision A level to avoid the Slammer worm; the trial download includes the Revision A pieces.

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