Imceda Software Introduces Speed SQL Turbo

March 28, 2005

[From Imceda Software, Inc.]

Burlington, Mass., March 28, 2005 - ImcedaTM Software, Inc, the leading provider of database administration and development products, today introduced Speed SQL Turbo, which leverages the unique SQL-based architecture behind the Imceda search engine and dramatically increases the speed of SQL Server's free text retrieval. SQL Turbo provides data base administrators (DBAs) all of the necessary advanced search features needed in SQL Server for building a professional search application.

SQL Turbo integrates seamlessly with SQL Server so DBAs won't have to set aside the website search development work they already have in place. And, SQL Turbo significantly increases the performance, data processing range and the feature set available with the existing SQL Server search - specifically in the areas of indexing, searching and retrieval.

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