Using FrontPage To Set Up a Database Connection

April 4, 2005

[From Power Asp]

Many people use FrontPage to manage their hosted websites running on Microsoft IIS servers. Often times ASP applications such as the ones I sell at CJWSoft need a properly set up data connection in order to run. This means a System or DSN-Less connection must be set up and that information must be entered into a connection string that the application will use to communicate with the database. Often times this also means that proper permissions must be set on the directory the database will be in. This is sometimes easier said than done because some web hosting companies can be a real "Pain in the Ass !".

Luckily there is a trick you can do using FrontPage to set up your database connection. Now, this trick does not always work as some hosts have altered permissions and what not too much which can mess up the process, but a lot of times this will work and its really a pretty easy thing to do.

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