Independent Research Firm's Report Names Application Security, Inc. Offering the "Most Comprehensive Database Security Solution" on the Market

April 6, 2005

[From Application Security, Inc.]

New York, NY -- April 5, 2005 -- Application Security, Inc. (www.appsecinc.com) today announced that leading research firm, Forrester Research, just issued a report that highlights the company as offering "the most comprehensive database security solution, covering data-at-rest encryption, assessment, auditing, and intrusion detection and prevention."

In the report, "Comprehensive Database Security Requires Native DBMS Features and Third-Party Tools***," released on March 29, 2005, Forrester believes that "with growing incidence of intrusions across industries and strong regulatory requirements to secure private data, enterprises need to make DBMS security a top priority...and that the demand for encryption, auditing, and assessment will grow in the coming years, driven largely by regulatory compliance requirements."

The article continues at http://www.appsecinc.com/news/pr/forrester-db-report.html