SAP and Oracle: never say never

April 15, 2005

In an interview with the weekly German business publication Wirtschaftswoche, Kagermann was reportedly asked whether he would listen if Ellison telephoned him with the idea. "Why should I hang up? I would listen to him," Kagermann was reported as saying, adding, "independence is not an end in itself." However, it would be unwise to read too much into the comments, not only because of another comment he made that "some combinations are harder to imagine than others", but also because the company has a legal obligation to consider any merger proposal that might be in the best interests of staff and shareholders, as was the case with Microsoft's approach to his company last year. For the full story, visit http://www.cbronline.com/article_news.asp?guid=14BB1F70-13CD-4298-A442-830733DC05CD.