"Access Hacks": Wrangle Data Like Never Before

April 27, 2005

[From O'Reilly Media, Inc. ]

Sebastopol, CA--Microsoft Access has its share of fans. Author Ken Bluttman is one of them. "Access really is an amazing product," he says, enumerating some of its strengths: "Its power is vast, and yet its maintenance is low. It's flexible enough to be used by one person or to run an entire company. It's a rapid application development (RAD) tool that outshines other such tools, such as Visual Basic, in time to development and ease of use." As one who has been hacking Access for many years, Bluttman knows how to make Access jump through hoops. In his new book, Access Hacks, (O'Reilly, US $24.95), he shares his secrets with Access users of all levels, from those sitting down to Access for the first time to gurus like himself.

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