SmartDBA Performance Solution for DB2 UDB version 3.0 identifies and resolves database problems before they impact business performance

May 3, 2005

BMC Software, Inc. today announced the availability of SmartDBA Performance Solution for DB2 UDB version 3.0. SmartDBA Performance Solution for DB2 UDB provides the ability to identify such problems as data fragmentation, poorly written SQL and which objects and SQL are being impacted and resolves those problems before they impact business performance.

Key features in this release:

  • Determine where the problems are instantaneously - This release essentially puts the information into a single location--organized into a criticality prioritized view.
  • Allows multiple DBAs to work in the same database across different applications - An up to date status of problems via a common interface prevents DBAs from trying to work on the same issues
  • Historical store of performance data captured non-intrusively & stored in a database -History tracking capabilities include the ability to drill into history to pinpoint SQL and database problems through an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface.
  • Patented "equalization" methodology makes it possible to turn raw data into useable performance information

This product does not leave a DBA in the middle of a problem. Once it has determined where the problems are, it prioritizes the problems and offers recommendations to fix them. The user is walked through a step-by-step task guide that leads them through the appropriate means to resolve the issue.

Performance data is captured non-intrusively and stored in a database, providing the ability to look into the history, pinpoint problems and determine what the resolutions to those problems are, using a graphical user interface. In addition to the continuous 24 hours of data that is readily available, SmartDBA also provides a rolling 30 days of history performance trending and analysis.

The patented "equalization" methodology makes it possible to turn raw data into useable performance information. The equalization process is a process that identifies the true application SQL workload and identifies what the actual problem is in that workload.

For pricing, as well as additional information on BMC Software's SmartDBA family, please visit http://www.bmc.com/datamanagement.

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