Apex SQL Tools Announces Two Product Updates and One New SQL Tool

May 5, 2005

Apex SQL Tools announces the availability of a new tool, Apex SQL Doc, and the release of updates for Apex SQL Edit and Apex SQL Script.

SQL Tool to Automatically Document SQL Databases

The new product, Apex SQL Doc, is a SQL Database Tool for documenting SQL databases into compiled HTML help format. Apex SQL Doc provides Extended Property, multiple database support, server level documentation, Command Line, select individual objects, HTML output. Cost: $249

SQL Database Tool for Database Editing IDE

A new version of Apex SQL Edit, a SQL Database Tool for SQL editing, is an integrated development environment (IDE) for SQL Server including powerful SQL Database development capabilities, SCC integration, improved performance, Intellisense, integration with VSS, DB backup, drag/drop files into SQL Database editor. Cost: $199

SQL Tools for SQL Database Object and Data Insert

A new version of Apex SQL Script, SQL database Tools for creating insert scripts for SQL Databases. Apex SQL Script handles Identity fields, can auto-sequence the scripting order and suppress constraints and triggers while batch inserting. Apex SQL Script has a Command Line, outputs VBScript output, huge performance, Project support. Cost: $199

All three products come with free support and free product upgrades for life.

For additional information, please visit http://www.apexsql.com.