Use SQLyog Tunneling for Secure MySQL Server Management

May 9, 2005

[From DevX.com]

Most Web hosting providers block port 3306 (the MySQL server port) at the firewall to prevent outside access. As a result, many MySQL developers and administrators can't access and manage their own MySQL servers remotely; they must use the Web-based interfaces that their ISPs provide. Although these Web-based tools generally are well designed, their responsiveness (or lack thereof) is vexing--especially the annoying page-refreshes.

This security issue takes even more prominence with the recent occurrence of a MySQL worm that attacks Windows Server. The UDF Worm is self-propagating code that finds MySQL servers running on Microsoft Windows with poor firewall and password security and exploits them.

This article demonstrates how to securely connect and manage your MySQL server using SQLyog's HTTP and SSH tunneling features.

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