Texas Memory Systems Adds Redundant RAM To Reliability Features Of The World's Fastest Storage

June 6, 2005

[From Texas Memory Systems]

Houston, TX, June 6, 2005 -- Texas Memory Systems, makers of the World's Fastest Storage®, announced the availability of redundant RAM ("RAID-ed" memory) technology for its RamSan-325 solid state disk systems. The IBM® ChipkillTM -based technology, helps Texas Memory Systems protect database and other business critical applications from serious multi-bit errors that can cause data corruption and unscheduled system downtime.

Standard error correcting code (ECC) implementations correct single-bit errors but cannot correct the multi-bit errors that can result in data integrity issues. Chipkill technology is an order of magnitude more reliable because it allows a memory system to correct a multi-bit failure up to and including a total chip failure. As implemented on the RamSan-325 solid state disk, Chipkill works hand-in-hand with the existing ECC to provide this data protection.

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