Texas Memory Systems Introduces First 4-Gigabit, Half-A-Million I/O Per Second, Solid State Storage System To Accelerate Databases And Other Critical Applications

July 11, 2005

[From Texas Memory Systems]

Houston, TX, July 11, 2005 -- Texas Memory Systems, makers of the World's Fastest Storage®, announced the availability of the RamSan-400 - the industry's first solid state disk with 4-gigabit Fibre Channel interfaces. The RamSan-400 is currently the only storage device that can sustain 3 gigabytes/second of random data transfers or 500,000 random I/Os per second. Its exceptional performance makes the RamSan-400 ideal for accelerating I/O-intensive databases, OLTP (online transaction processing), OLAP (online analytical processing), modeling, content streaming and high volume data acquisition environments.

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