seeMore Technologies Provides Relational Database Access to Micro Focus COBOL Using Virtual Database Server Product

July 12, 2005

[From seeMore Technologies]

seeMore Technologies has announced Relational Database support for Micro Focus COBOL using the seeMore Virtual Database server, an Enterprise Information Integration product that allows organizations to access their data in real-time.

"We have added support for Micro Focus COBOL as COBOL still accounts for a large majority of the application data within large corporates", explains Phillip Carruthers, CEO, seeMore Technologies. "Micro Focus users and developers can access their existing COBOL data as if it was a true Relational Database using SQL-99. Using the seeMore Virtual Database Server also allows them to access data in other Relational Database Systems deployed throughout the organization."

The article continues at http://www.seemoretechnologies.com/company/press/20050622_MicroFocus.htm