Laser-Scan demonstrates Radius TopologyTM for Oracle� Spatial 10g Topology Storage

August 18, 2005

[From Laser-Scan]

Cambridge UK, 18th August 2005 - Laser-Scan is pleased to announce that Radius Topology now supports the topology data model feature of Oracle® Spatial 10g, an option to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition. Laser-Scan is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

In May 2002, Laser-Scan launched Radius Topology, the world's first interoperable, persistent, server-side topology management solution for an Oracle RDBMS. Radius Topology includes over 10 years worth of spatial development efforts, and allows organizations to use a mainstream relational database environment. This solution allows organizations to seamlessly integrate their business and spatial data; ensures the quality of their largest data assets, resulting in accurate and timely business decisions; and protects their investment in those assets.

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