Filemaker Pro 8 Says Work Faster, Share More

August 31, 2005

[From Small Business Computing]

Filemaker, Inc has announced the immediate availability of Filemaker Pro 8, the latest version of its well-known database software, saying it's been designed to make sharing information easier and faster than ever — ergo, the software's tag line: Work Faster. Share More.

According to Ryan Rosenberg, Filemaker's vice president of marketing, small business owners don't go searching for a database, they go looking for an answer to a problem. "About 50 percent of our customer base is small business, and they're looking to solve problems," said Rosenberg. "They want to track inventory, or products their customers have ordered in the past, or organize digital images. Typically they've been using a combination of paper, Excel spreadsheets and address books to do it, but FileMaker Pro 8 lets them bring it all together so they can better organize and run their business."

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