NetApp introduces an automated backup/restore solution

September 12, 2005

Network Appliance, Inc., today introduced SnapManager for Oracle, providing a simplified method of managing and administrating the backup/restore and cloning of the Oracle database environment. The solution automatically discovers all the underlying files of an Oracle Database for the operations including backup, restore and recover, and clone.

SnapManager for Oracle fully automates the snapshot capability, whether there is one database running on the system or ten. The product provides the capability to select an individual database, and get a complete picture of all of the data in the database including the log files and database code, with one command. In addition, SnapManager provides the capability to take snapshots while the database is running, without any performance impact.

A full backup, that would normally take hours with a standard tape backup, can be completed in minutes with SnapManager. Similarly, the hours it would take to restore the database from tape takes just a couple of minutes. Not only does SnapManager restore the complete state of the system, as it existed when the snapshot was taken, it also rebuilds the log files. One command does it all, reducing the chance for error.

By leveraging the NetApp FlexCloneTM technology, SnapManager for Oracle provides the ability to make clones off mirrored copies of the database that require only a small amount of additional space. In fact, the clones require no additional storage space until you start writing unique data to them. All of the common data between the mirror, dev machines, test machine or QA machines is only stored once--only the changed data is stored uniquely on the clones.

SnapManager for Oracle is tightly integrated with the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle's management console. NetApp's Filers are explicitly mentioned within Oracle's grid control console.

The product is currently in beta, with general availability scheduled for January 2006.

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